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48 kg (106 lbs)
167 cm (5'6'')
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Christian - General
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Maria 23

Donetsk, Ukraine

ID: 205228

Why are you here?
I am not looking for some ideal of the hero, I am just looking for a man who knows what he wants out of life and who keeps his word and fulfills the meaning of his promises. I am the only one person who values ​​family values ​​who will respect me and my feelings, who is honest and true. I dream so that the man next to me was always happy and cheerful. I want to give him the warmth of my hands, my eyes frank and secrets of my body and feminine affection .... I want to feel protected by the woman he loved!! My man will be my dearest person and my best friend.
Your character
I am very charming, cheerful, positive and ambitious girl. I like to get new skills and experiences in life. I like to be a leader, and I try to be aware of all the interesting events in the world. I appreciate the new friendships and with interest and respect for intellectual conversations. I lead a healthy lifestyle, not smoke and do not drink alcoholic beverages. I prefer to spend a morning jog and tone my body morning exercises. I'm with a great interest in sports, travel the world and fashion. I have a good heart, a romantic nature, I'm gentle and cheerful person. I always try to go forward and never give up. For me it is very important to believe in the good and all to be optimistic. I am a creative person and I can turn ordinary things into extraordinary and very beautiful, no matter what it is - a dress, shoes or a romantic date to your loved one.
I like singing, dancing, and drawing. I also go in for sports and try to keep my attractive looks :) I am just crazy about traveling and learning national peculiarities of different cultures. I love all that is connected with the eastern culture. I like swimming, diving and bungee jumping. Like all outdoor activities.

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