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165 cm (5'5'')
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Katerina 25

Zaporozhye, Ukraine

ID: 330664

Why are you here?
Coming here was a big step for me. Earlier, I have never thought that it is possible to meet your love in the Internet. But then I got an example. My cousin who lives in another city, met a great man abroad through such dating site, and now they are happy together. They are not married for now, but they live together, travel and plan their wedding. And after it, I believed that in our modern world we have such a chance to look for our beloved abroad! So why not to use it?! I never divide people according to their ethnicity or nationality, but according to the fact are they nice people or not! So now I gave it a try! And I do hope to meet my beloved here!
Your character
What shall I tell here? I guess this is the most difficult thing to describe your own character! As every time doing it I have two feelings one is the feeling of boasting and another one is feeling that I underestimate myself! So to find the golden middle I ask you to come closer and to learn me by yourself! Yes, I am very open and multi sided person! So you will need not one our to reveal all my secrets! Maybe you will need even your life! But I promise, during this long process you will never feel bored with me, as I am very active, easy going, jolly person with a nice sense of humor, with a lot of ideas, wishes and desires, with a lot of love in my heart which I would like to share with you!
I am studying to be an actress. And I consider this profession to be a very interesting one! I believe that through this profession I can show my inner world to other people, to live through different roles also gives great experience I believe.... So I love my job, but except it I love doing a lot of things. I love dancing, and now I also teach kids to dance in our dancing school, then I love reading, and this is a true pleasure to take my favorite book and to spend an evening with it. I guess it would be better only with you! Do you agree? Let's check! ;)