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63 kg (139 lbs)
173 cm (5'8'')
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Christian Scientist
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Understanding and caring - the features that make up the image of my ideal partner. Usually girls talk about affection, kindness, tenderness and so on. But do these two concepts not include this? I think that we can create our own happiness only if we try to understand each other in any situation and cherish the feelings, to cherish each other as a valuable crystal vase. I would like to admit that sometimes I terribly want to feel myself like a weak woman who has a strong support and protection.After all for many centuries, the ideal of the family was represented in the strength and reliability of men and in the care and support of women. Do you need a girl who is able to create coziness in your home, warmth in the heart and foundation of fidelity and understanding in spite of everything? If you appreciate such banal qualities and want true love, then we should take only a step to each other for a meeting.
Your character
Welcome to my profile as a little review of my life! At the beginning I want to say you about my sincerity and immediacy. I hope that it is important for you? I think that building a strong and happy union is possible only through honesty and the ability to enjoy even the smallest moments. Sport is my element and it is express in several directions. If you are interested, I will gladly share with you the secrets of my well-tended beautiful body :) Oh yeah, I like to talk, share thoughts, emotions and feelings with people who are becoming an important part of my life. But do not worry! You can make me shut up with something sweet eaisly:) LOL I am a sweetheart and I can invite you to join my ranks. Would you like to taste my signature chocolate cake? In the end I should tell you about my profession.
How you can see I`m nurse and I can easily provide any kind of medical assistance. This is my vocation, which I implement in the army. The sense of duty lives in me and even fatigue can not outshine the joy that I help people.