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Valeriya 32

Zaporozhye, Ukraine

ID: 430987

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Why are you here?
In my previous relationships I tried to give, I did care about ex husband more than he did. I was taught that balance is the best foundation for the family. Both must give and take so for now I am looking for someone who wouldn't only take, but also give me back, willingly and truly. And I don't mean the assets and finances, but more valuable things - love, care and devotion. I'll be frank, I've lived my life as a loner for last few years and was unlucky to experience relationship that had been made by a wrong choice. But now what I really want is one special man who takes the time to listen and understand me, who values friendship, who makes me feel free, easy and calm… and when the time comes to share our life, he will see that I'm not an angel created by his imagination, but an equal lover with whom he can talk on any topic, laugh and enjoy all simple things.
Your character
I don't dwell in the past, don't dream about the future...I just concentrate on this moment. I live today. That helps me a lot therefore I am a lady that does not wear pink glasses. I like acting that is why I joined this dating site! In past I was married but it did not work. I am divorced and I learnt mistakes that I made in that relationship. I hope I will not repeat them. So for now, friendship is the beginning. I want to find a good friend first, know each other well and to develop strong relationships from friendship. No rush. No hurry this time. Easy come, easy go.
I love to travel and learn, do sport and to watch the sunrise and sunset and there is nothing more wonderful than to share every magic moment with someone you are in love. Sport and healthy life style, roller skating, staying active, cooking, spending time on the open air is what I do with pleasure and joy. Discovering and visiting foreign countries is the best journey that hopefully will never ends I dream to visit all 6 continents