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online Kristina
Zodiac sign
52 kg (115 lbs)
171 cm (5'7'')
English, Russian
English level
Some college
Current occupation
Doctor/Medical Field
Marital status
Never married
Christian - General
Are you a smoker?
Not smoking
Will you date a smoker?
Not filled
Do you have children?
Why are you here?
I don't think that I have an exact picture of how my ideal man should look like but I think when we see each other we will feel it with heart! For me the appearance and age does not play the main role in relations! As I think, the most important is an attitude, passion and his love and I think without love for each other a relationship is like an empty vessel, how we will feel together with each other, the comfort, care and love and passion for each other which will make us for each other ..The beauty is inside, not outside! The most important things are invisible and I think it is much important in relationship..So I want to find a man who will be beautiful from within, nice, adoring, kind person, understanding, and loving.
Your character
I have a lot of happiness and love inside and i want to share it with my man! Besides being hardships in life I had to be strong, but it is life and i want to feel myself woman in the arms being loved and adored by my beloved man! I want to feel feelings, inner happiness and share moments in odds and evens in life with my man.. I want to embrace in the morning, starting my day with Good morning kisses and hugs and when coming back having urge to see and be in close and love and make a good dinner with being naughty with each other ..And that is a real happiness for me! being a family ,love and adore and respect each other ..
I am an active in life so i think very rare we would not being having anything to get us each other bored..I am interested in learning everything new around me..i am here because I want to find a real love. I want to build a strong, warm and passionate relationship and always doing my full to understand my man and his needs ...
I am kind, joyful and very optimistic girl. I love life and it answers to me with the same feeling. Smile Good things don't come to us easily. We should work really hard to deserve our happiness. To me it doesn't matter who will make the first step, but I am sure that this first step is very important in all relations because without it there won't be the second and the third one.
I like to examine things from different sides. I believe that one task can be solved with one hundreds of solutions and I find it so fascinating. Don't you think so? Life is so good and interesting and to me it is like great adventure, where we face deep caves of our mind and high tops of kindness. As you see, I am pretty creative by my nature. Smile One of my biggest interests is psychology. Human's mind is so interesting and rich! Sometimes we don't know about our own real thoughts but you won't hide you thoughts from me because I know you think only about love. Am I right? Smile
In one thing you must be completely sure. I will make your life happy with my love, support and caring about you with my whole heart!

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